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re: Aruinholm the Voidhound


Hey hey hey, Coruscant Enclave. Since my services have been secured, I figured I'd let you know a thing or two about your greatest non-wizard asset: The Amazing Voidhound!

Born in on the lovely world of , I began my illustrious career with a bang: Stealing a speeder from some Imperial guardsmen. They weren't pleased, of course, so I had a choice: Be a teenager on an Imperial prison world, or take to the stars and survive on my wits. Obviously, I made the right call, and started 

In time, I caught a ride on the and claimed it for myself. But don't worry, the captain was a pirate, and planned to eat me anyways. I burned the records, renamed the old rustbucket to The Brighter Flame, and tuned the old girl up so I'd have the best smuggling vessel in the galaxy. She's seen me to my every destination, and saved my hide more times than I can easily remember.

While I've mostly kept a fair distance from Jedi, I've always respected their ability to ruin the best-laid plans. So many key scores were interrupted, if not foiled, by Jedi that I never pictured being employed by them. You wouldn't expect a Miraluka to be a skeptic on the whole Jedi deal, but strangely, I am. I don't really hold to the whole space-wizard thing, and to be blunt, I half-expect to learn that it's all a huge con. But your leader paid my fee and handed over some sweet secrets, so you'll have my services.

Need somebody to duel a Darth on Dantooine, handle holocrons on Hoth, assail an Ambassador on Alderaan, or count credits on Coruscant? Don't bother with the rest, because you've got the best! Aruinholm the Voidhound is happy to lend his the help of his extensive experience, for a reasonable fee!


Current contracts for the Enclave:

1. Retrieve any Holocrons, Datacrons, or Jedi Relics that I happen to come across.

2. Cripple any Imperial/Sith operations that I can find.

3. Assist any Republic forces in need.



Though currently employed by the Coruscant Enclave, I reserve the right to commit crimes including, but not limited to, the following, so long as I am not caught doing them:

Piracy, theft, smuggling, arson, extortion, hijacking, destruction of property, violation of corporate contracts, disruption of traffic routes, assault and battery, abduction, manslaughter by way of self-defense, and possession of illegal objects/cargo, in both Reublic and Imperial space.

The Enclave is by no means responsible or liable for any unsavory actions that I may partake in, even if they are for its benefit or on its behalf. They are also not responsible for paying my bail or hiring a lawyer on my behalf, when things inevitably go downhill.

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